Haiku of Intent

by MQ on April 18, 2013

Teacup sits half full
lapping circles, goldfish leaps
toward broader pond



by MQ on December 16, 2012

 Amy Goldin Art in a Hairshirt, Art Criticism 1964–1978, the last book I designed and typeset received some good press recently. It was reviewed in the December 2012 issue of Art in America as well as by Los Angeles Times Art Critic Christopher Knight who deemed it a “handsomely designed paperback”.x


Michelle Quigley

by MQ on October 20, 2009

mQ design is a business of one person, wearing many hats. Living and working in The Berkshires requires adaptability; the economic climate here is as variable as the weather. Fortunately I relish working in different mediums and have had the opportunity to work in various fields from motion picture visual effects to book design. For more on that please take a look at my CV .